We manufacture and commercialize building materials across European Union, Hungary, and other Eastern-European countries.

Our company is based in Budapest, Hungary. Through our online store, we sell all the products that we import or export across Europe and outside it.

We offer materials for construction and home improvements such as Insulation Materials, Fiberglass, Mineral wool, Wood wool,  Parquet washers.

We also sell Windows and doors, flashings, accessories, raw materials for closed cell polystyrene insulation base, glass fabrics facade insulation systems, edge protection profiles.

Other extra products we offer are:

  • Startup profiles
  • Glue facade insulation
  • Plasterboard
  • drywall Profiles
  • dowels, screws
  • Plaster reinforcing glass fibersFor a price quote and orders you can contact us directly at sales@epitoanyagok.net